Whether you’re looking for peak performance from your Bobcat skid loader, improved reliability from your Mack truck, or a longer life out of your hydraulic torque wrench , it is critical that you lubricate your heavy-duty toys properly.

Even more important than adding oil and greasing up parts is getting the right oil / lubricants for your application.

Choosing the optimal oil / lubricant for your application

According, to Tom Rohr, Owner of Advanced Engine in Plymouth, Indiana, “using the correct oil keeps your engine running smoothly for a longer period of time.”

In fact, he continues, “I have seen many cases where the use of the proper type of lubricant [has] added years to an engine’s life”

Since lubrication is so essential to the performance of gears, motors, and other mechanical parts it would only make sense to know which types of oil are best for which types of applications.

Why we distribute Shell Lubricants

Shell Lubricant DistributorHenschen Oil is a Shell Lubricants Distributor.

We highly recommend lubricants from Shell, because they have a proven history of manufacturing and marketing lubricants and greases for a large range of industrial applications.

Every Shell lubricant is designed to help you optimize your recreational vehicles, industrial equipment, commercial vehicles and hydraulic tools efficiency.

In determining an oil’s performance, it is important to understand how a particular Shell lubricant works across different applications, at various temperatures and thicknesses.

Understanding how oil lubricates and works

In layman terms, lubricants and oil serves two main purposes.

(1) oil keeps the metal surfaces in your engine / motor from grinding together and wearing down over time. In essence it creates a separating oil film between them these metal surfaces.

(2) lubricants disperse heat and reduce wear of engine / motor and engine parts. Ultimately, this protects your engine, adds optimal performance, and prolongs engine life.

Oil / Lubricant Terminology

There are several terms and things to consider when selecting an oil are lubricant.

Some metrics used relate to the measurement of an oil/lubricant grade and others to what type leads to peak performance for a given application.

The most common among these are:

Benefits of advanced oil / lubrication technology

Henschen Oil - Shell lubricants performance additivesIn addition, to the main purposes of oil, advanced formulations of oils/lubricants help prevent dirt build-up and grime deposits by keeping them in “suspension”.

In fact, quality motor oil — such as any Shell lubricant — can even protect against sludge and fight against oxidation.

In doing so, the oil remains fresher longer and minimizing acids which typically can cause corrosion.

Therefore, the right type of Shell lubricant will actually save you time and money both in the short and long term.


Oil and other types of lubricants are essential in maintaining the performance, durability, and reliability of your equipment and vehicles.

Henschen Oil is located in Nappanee, Indiana and is a distributor of quality lubricants. This includes any type of Shell lubricant.

Should you have a question about Shell lubricants, how to choose the right oil, or any other lubrication / fueling question, please do not hesitate to contact us.